Here I have listed a small list of references which use photos of me. The list is not exhaustive and is only a small part.

Bad Wurzach natürlich.infomativ

Citizen and guest information with the official journal of the city of Bad Wurzach with a publication of 8,500 pieces. Published by the city administration together with the trade and commerce association Bad Wurzach.

In issue no. 21 (09.10. - 23.10.2019) a photo of the church at Feuerstein Castle was used in an article (page 25).

The online version to browse and read can be found here.

City map Bayreuth

Every year, the cultural world looks out over the Margrave’s Opera House and celebrates the Richard Wagner Festival. But even away from the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Baroque Theatre, the royal city knows how to enchant: The New Palace, Court Garden, Hermitage and Sanspareil Park are just a few of the numerous sights that were built in the 18th century during the heyday of the city under the margraves Friedrich and Wilhelmine. The Tourist City Map with city centre enlargement, streets and sights as well as a map of the surrounding area shows you interesting museums, magnificent buildings and parks so that you never lose your bearings.

You can find several photos of mine in the city map.

Further information can also be obtained from the publisher or regular booksellers:

ISBN: 978-3-96132-295-4 (buy on Amazon)

Spa City Guide Bad Staffelstein

On 120 pages the book offers all information about the history of the town and the history of the region of Bad Staffelstein. Interesting facts about the cultural monuments Kloster Banz, Vierzehnheiligen and Staffelberg are presented as well as information about the town, its traditions and its inhabitants. And the spa city guide BAD STAFFELSTEIN offers tips for the most beautiful day trips from Bad Staffelstein - for example to Bamberg, Bayreuth, Coburg or Nuremberg. The spa town guide BAD STAFFELSTEIN also shows selected hiking and cycling routes around the spa town - and it has all the important opening hours and tourist contacts to offer.

The spa city guide uses many pictures from the place as well as from excursion destinations in the surroundings of me.

Further information can also be obtained from the publisher or directly from the Tourist Information in Bad Staffelstein. The booklet can be ordered from the Tourist Information.

ADAC hiking guide Fränkische Schweiz

Bizarre rock formations and picturesque half-timbered towns, romantic river valleys and majestic castles, mysterious stalactite caves and numerous breweries await the hiker in Fränkische Schweiz. 40 tours of all levels of difficulty invite you to explore the region between Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth. Already Bamberg, whose city centre belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage, the Wagner city Bayreuth and Nuremberg with castle and German national museum are worth a visit. Along the Franconian Mountain Trail you can hike from Creussen to the Rotmain Spring, along the franconian Jakobsweg you can pilgrimage the stage from Effeltrich to Kalchreuth. From Treunitz a tour leads into the Paradies valley. The visit to the mighty Devil’s Cave is tempting from Pottenstein. Finally, Gößweinstein with its baroque basilica by Balthasar Neumann is the starting point for the hike to the rock labyrinth of the Espersh Cave.

The hiking guide uses several photos from the administrative district Bayreuth of me.

This can be purchased via a book store or via the ADAC Shop.

2. Edition: (ISBN: 978-3862070992) Amazon (incl. Tour App)
1. Edition: (ISBN: 978-3899058000) Amazon

Einzelne Fotos in Printmedien

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