Ham Radio

Radio amateurs are entitled to build their own radios and also to modify finished devices. A very common modification is the so-called TX modification. This means the extension of the frequency ranges on which the radio can transmit.

The reasons for such an intervention in the device are:

  • Extension for measurement and test purposes
  • Extension to frequency ranges enabled for AFu (e.g. 40 m band in DL)
  • Extension for emergencies (well let’s leave that for the sake of completeness)
  • Descriptions of how the devices can be modified can be found on the Internet. Unfortunately, these instructions do not describe how to modify a device in order to use the functions adapted for DL (e.g. ARS and relay tray in the 70 cm band).

The following instructions are currently available:

  • coming soon
Further questions:

I am happy to answer further questions about the modifications by e-mail. Please understand that I only do this for radio amateurs. So please tell me your callsign in your request.

All modifications are at your own risk! I do not take over adhesion etc. for developing damage!
Sending on frequencies, which are not released for the amateur radio service, is not allowed! Also the modification of devices usually leads to the loss of warranty at the manufacturer!